If you've ever thought of building your dream house, SWR is the exclusive broker of SWR Custom Home Builder.

SWR Custom Home Builder presents, for its first time in the U.S., a uniquely innovative opportunity to custom-build your 21st century dream home that is truly tailored to your personal preferences. While our focus is on building in Upper New York & Northeastern Pennsylvania, rest assured we can bring your dreams to fruition in any state across the country. Whether you are looking for a stick-built home, European pre-fab home, container home, log home, or any other construction style, whatever you envision, we can build. As we collaborate from start to finish, the entire process is customizable from lot selection & price point to architectural design to structural supplier & builder. We build using a diverse range of affordable, premium products with an emphasis on energy efficiency & environmental sustainability. Through creative solutions & tireless efforts, we are uniquely committed to bringing your vision to reality & are confident you will enjoy the positive experience throughout.

Please email broker@serviceworldrealty.com for more details.

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